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If you have tax problems, don't sit idly by: Grab the bull by the horns! Call our experienced tax consultants at Taxation Solutions, Inc. for expert help filing back taxes, obtaining tax settlements, or getting penalty abatement. Our experienced tax resolution team can help you obtain the tax relief, audit defense, or offer in compromise that can make all the difference!

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Some problems may go away if you ignore them, but tax penalties and other IRS problems are not that kind of issue! If you need tax debt relief or are in a quandary over what to do about delinquent taxes, we have the answers that will help you resolve your income tax problems. Our team consists of dedicated CPAs, enrolled agents, and tax attorneys, and we will provide you with the guidance and representation to put an end to IRS penalties, wage garnishment, and other government actions. Backed by 40 years of combined experience in the tax resolution field, our tax consultants will use a variety of effective strategies and techniques to provide you with the tax assistance, audit defense, and tax penalty abatement you need. Our versatile tax consultants have the qualifications and credentials to represent your interests and negotiate tax settlements directly with the IRS. Call or e-mail us today for solutions to back tax problems, IRS audits, or a tax penalty for underpayment! At Tax Solutions, Inc. here in Los Angeles, all the resources you need for tax debt relief and IRS assistance are available under one roof.

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